JTmedia Fields Far Away
Fields Far Away
(2011 planning- preproduction)

Jeff Timpe- Writer, Composer
Jon Timpe- Music Director
Tyler Timpe- Visual Production

PHONE: (661)272-9097

Fields Far Away Project Details
Production Title: Fields Far Away
Project Types: Stage Musical, Feature Film , Production of Animated Film Segments for Music Videos

Current Production Status: A three-act working draft of the Fields Far Away script was written in 1994, accompanied by score and sound recording of the music of ACT ONE during the early stages of production. At that time many of the scenes were black boxed by various local theater groups and a theatre director was selected to begin stage production. Due to unanticipated circumstances, the stage production was put on hold and eventually cancelled. As of this date, Fields Far Away has yet to play before a theatre audience.

Located in Antelope Valley California, JTmedia is prepared to consider partnerships in furthering this production on stage as well as collaborations in its many relative levels of production and project types.

Please contact us with your interests, talents, capabilities, and/or creative business proposals. We would love to get this wonderful production rolling again with capable talent and rejuvenated spirit.


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