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Fields Far Away
Fields Far Away
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This project is a 15-20 minute adaptation of its feature length music theatre production counterpart. In this version no singing required (although the title track may be lip synced by the three child cast members). This short will be entered into various film festivals and will also be used to solicit interest in future JTmedia feature length film and theatre productions.

Because this short film adaptation is a student film, and thus many areas of production experience are at a minimum, it has been decided that there will be some preliminary work performed to insure that the story and final product is as strong as it can be.

 Phase one will be a couple of sessions dedicated to dialog delivery and acting. These sessions will be shot in a controlled digital chroma key environment. From footage gathered we will be able to quickly assemble pre edits at low cost and have a better idea of pacing and what type of shots/dialog will best tell the story. (Schedule TBA)

Phase two will be shooting for film. (Schedule TBA)

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