Fields Far Away – independent student film (non-union)
(Short film adaptation based on, Fields Far Away: Theater Production)
Genre – Musical Drama
Duration: Short – 15-20 min
Written by Tyler, Jon and Jeff Timpe
Directed by Tyler Timpe
Music composed by Jon Timpe

Project Overview:
This student film is being constructed to fulfill obligations to CSUN senior project requirements for Jonathan and Tyler Timpe. This is a low budget, non-paying, non-union student project that has been offered to participants in hope that it will bring rich experience, added exposure and opportunities for artistic expression to all involved.

Each participant will receive credits and a copy of the finished work on DVD. The finished film or portions thereof may also be presented on an associated website. Bios of cast and crew (with participants permission) can be made available through the additional web presentation as well.


Production Phases:
Initial auditions will set up our call back auditions to which we would like to have narrowed down choices to three candidates for each role. Call back auditions will consist of a series of screen tests in which the call back actors will be directed to work scenes both together and individually within a chroma key environment. Through this process we hope to select talent and combined chemistry, which would prove most cohesive for the roles. It is also an opportunity to hear the dialog played out which may determine possible edits to the script (we are always open to making it better). We would like to accomplish this task within 1-2 sessions of screen tests (approx 4 hours ea).

On location digital test shoot: Because film and production can be rather expensive, and because we would like to make sure that your work has the best opportunity to be great work, we would like to shoot the first run in High Definition Digital prior to going all out in film. This will give us one last opportunity to make the story the strongest that it can be through the lens and through the story line. Again we would like to accomplish your part in this task within 1-2 sessions (approx 4 hours ea). Schedule (TBA)

Digital Editing: From there we will edit the digital footage to which we will put scoring ideas and editing ideas to the test. From this digital version we will also be seeking critical feedback from instructors, industry professionals, as well as the cast and crew prior to the film production. Anyone who wishes a digital copy of this preliminary work can have one by request.

Film Production: Because of our extended efforts in preliminary work, we should be well prepared to begin film production on location. Schedule (TBA)


History & Mission:
The story Fields Far Away was originally conceived by Jeff Timpe as a three act progressive rock opera in 1995. The theatre script and musical themes were complete which produced a CD recording débuting the songs of Act One. A realistic administrative infrastructure was not in place that could see the project through to its intended live theatre venue, thus like many well intended projects, the script and idea were set on the shelf and the effort eventually disbanded. Writer/composer Jeff Timpe, set back in this first fledgling attempt to realize his story in full-scale production, put the script aside waiting for the appropriate time to reorganize and start a new.

Jon Timpe and Tyler Timpe have been students in the CSUN arts departments; Jon studying composition for film, and Tyler studying film production. Both are very promising artists and have maintained Dean’s List standings throughout their attendance at CSUN. The family trio, Tyler, Jon and Jeff, have always been open to an opportunity to pool their talents and bring life to a project that will have artistic merit and philosophical integrity. While seeking material for their senior projects, Tyler and Jon decided to explore the possibility that the script Fields Far Away may be the vehicle to start such an opportunity rolling.

After a couple of successful group writing sessions, a new adaptation to film began to form based on a few select moments found in the theatre script. The resulting short lends itself well to screen with beginning middle and end, and remains true to the spirit of the original theatrical script. Because of this, the final product will stand on its own as a complete work, thus intentions are to present the finished short into various film festivals and showings, which will include of course Jon and Tyler’s senior project showcase events.

If this short is well received at such venues, it is also plausible that the short could also aid in solicitations of interest in feature length film and original theatre productions of Fields Far Away.

We would like to extend our deep and sincere appreciation that you have considered becoming a part of this exciting adventure. It is our intention to make sure that your energies are respected and pledge to do whatever it takes to make this project time well spent and dare we say “a dream come true” for all involved.

Tyler, Jon, and Jeff Timpe
(818) 337-9810 cell (Tyler - director)
(661) 272-9097 home