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Fields Far Away
production status:
Our Cast members and Core Group Administration has been selected. Crew is being assembled.

Shoot Dates have been set for May 11 - May 14

We are preparing for production and always welcome volunteers for crew positions. If you are interested in being a part of this production taking place in the southern californian locale please contact us.

ROLE: DAVID(Adult) /Austin Wagner
David's current life perspective is challenged during a reunion with his childhood friend Hope under a very special old oak tree.
ROLE: HOPE(Adult) / Michelle Delynn
Hope is reunited and sharing tender moments with her childhood friend David under an old oak tree.
ROLE: DAVID / Logan Grove
David is one of the two boys who support the tree house plans. He is also the only child to remain hopeful beyond all doubt.
ROLE: JESSE / Tre' Villalpando
Jesse is one of the two boys who support the building of the tree house, yet loses faith once faced with an event which threatens the plan.
ROLE: HOPE / Sabrina Drobeck
Hope initially supports the building of the tree house but is the first to doubt its possibility. The two boys are unsuccessful in attempts to convince her otherwise.
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